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Toppik Fibre Hold Spray


Toppik Fibrehold Spray helps to lock-in Toppik Hair Fibres onto the hair all day. Washes out with shampoo.


Toppik Fibrehold Spray is scientifically formulated to work with Toppik Hair Fibres and thinning hair. Unlike ordinary hairsprays, it is specifically designed to increase the attraction that binds the fibres to your hair. It will also soften and condition both hair and fibres for a completely natural appearance.


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  • Strengthens the bond between Toppik hair fibres and your existing hair

  • Helps hair fibres to resist wind, rain and perspiration

  • Ensures longer-lasting results

How To use

  • Apply and style Toppik hair fibres first

  • Hold Fibre Hold Spray bottle 4-8 inches from hair

  • Use short light sprays

  • Reapply as needed

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