Taneisha AGE 18



"I’m an 18 year old girl who suffered from Alopecia Areata when I turned 16. My life had completely changed and this all was caused by anxiety and stress. I started to get quarterzone injections as I thought that was the only thing around to help my condition. My parents and I did a lot of research to help find something better as the injections caused me so much pain. 


My Mum found Clive Hair Clinics on the internet. We decided to try them out and it was the best thing we ever did. Everything was drug-free, I got given scalp massage treatments fortnightly and the support from Clive Hair Clinics was amazing. 


I’m so thankful my parents decided to give them a shot. I was at the point where I was nearly bald. Now I have a full head of hair and its thicker and newer then ever. Every bit of treatment has helped and the shampoo and conditioners were a life changer. A big thank you to Michael my Trichologist, for always believing in me and how much you have helped me"

- Taneisha.


Started treatment at age 17